How to Choose The Best Boxing Gloves

Best boxing gloves is a primary requirement for any boxer. If you are really much serious about boxing, then you should also have a better idea of how you should get that. Here are few of the things that you should consider when you are picking the gloves. Gloves can have a direct impact on your performance and for which any serious boxer should consider so many things in choosing the same. Here are the major tips for you to do that. This can really provide you with great experience and better performance.


Best Boxing Gloves

When it comes to choose anything, quality is a primary factor. The boxing gloves that you get should last for some time frame for which you should consider this aspect of quality. It is always necessary for you to choose the kind of the gloves that is made with very good quality material. The design also should be considered well so that you can have finest choice. The gloves should also be designed in best quality for you to get the best and amazing experience in using the same. Most of us may not actually get an idea of how this can work.

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Comfort & Support

You should know how much comfortable it is to wear the gloves. You should feel ease in moving your finger, hands and you should be able to display your best form with the gloves. It should not be an issue for your performance. This is reason why your comfort level is always a consideration for you and you get the best kind of experience in using the same. The support that the gloves provides you is also a factor as it should be really good enough so that you can withstand punishment. Try to consider these factors well when you are choosing the boxing gloves.


Durability of the gloves does form a major factor as it is the one that defines the ability of the gloves to last long. Durability of the gloves depends much on the quality of the material and also the design that it has got. It is always necessary for you to get the gloves that is highly durable so that you get much better and awesome performance with the same.

How Much Worth It is?

It is always good for you to compare the price of the product and the product that you are getting. Try to analyze this well and find out whether you can get the best out of what you spent.


It is also necessary to check for the style of gloves. The gloves you choose need to be really stylish else it may not be good for you to use the same. There are quite a lot of them in the market and pick the one with the style that matches yours most so that you may find it better for using.


Compare the cost of the various boxing gloves available in the market and pick the one that is most suitable for you and you think which is reasonable and the best boxing gloves.

How to Choose Best Boxing Shoes

Boxing forms such a sports that do not need much of the gear. There are few safety equipment that include groin guard, mouthgaurds etc for it. Best boxing shoes is also a requirement so that a boxer has as boxers should fly like butterflies in the ring and not to slip like butter.

Boxing is an old sport and it has changed with years and many rules have come in to it for making it much friendly. Modern boxing can be defined as fighting with fists that are gloved. Number of the bouts per fight can vary based on the versions related with rules which are used in it.

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Trips and kicks are not allowed in boxing but good footwork is very important like the landing punches. There are no rules there for boxing shoes but there are shoes designed specifically for boxing which allows you to have great traction without any inhibition in movement. Comfort is a great factor when it comes to boxing shoes. If you are trying to buy a boxing shoes then here are the few factors to consider.

Fit & Size

Best boxing shoes

It is always important for you to figure out the shoes which can fit properly and can provide good amount of support. If the footgear is bad then it can provide much serious issues. Inflammation to connective tissue of foot, plantar fasciitis are things which can lead to chronic pain and can interfere even in walking and completely spoil your career in boxing. This is the condition that can be cured and may take few months of complete rest for resolving and preventing by taking better care of the foot. The boxing shoes are very thing with the soles so the weight can be reduced and also comes with cushioning at mid sole for protecting against the stress associated with bouncy footwork. A good shoes for boxing is something that gives you comfort and also supports your feet well.

Shoe Material & Venting

The material used for making the shoe determines the comfort that you get in using it. It is important for you to ensure that the shoes are not hurting you when you are in the ring. It is good for you to use boxing shoes made out of soft leather or the ones with suede uppers for getting amazing experience. The amount of the ventilation that the feet needs also depends on the extend to which the feet may get hot. If your feet is wet after a workout or match then it is good to reconsider the choice that you have made in shoes.

Shape & Style

Boxing shoes may come in various types like high top, medium and low. The shoes which are lower topped can provide with free movements and are much lighter. The tailer shoes can provide with better support and protection. There are fighters who prefer boxing in the wrestling shoes as they are much lighter and even come with better traction. Basic idea is to find shoes that do not slow down the fighter.

3 Best Punching Bag Reviews for 2016

Having the best punching bag will enable you to practice punches, combos, timing, and footwork. While a great bag can truly make you a better pugilist, a bad bag can drain your wallet along with jeopardizing your well-being. As a result, it’s crucial to know which style and brand is right for you. This article will help you pick the right punching bag; that will meet your budget, intensity, and training needs.

best punching bag

1. Combat Sports Muay Thai Punching Bag
This is a functional, subtle bag for a fighter who is looking to enhance his offense. It’s incredibly durable, holds up well, and will meet all your training needs. Also, the bag is coated with a beautiful synthetic leather that can absorb any beating. Even if you’ve scheduled your train-hard program to every single day, it can sustain all through. Another distinctive thing about this punching bag is its heavy duty chain. This is unbelievable as it saves you from the extra cash- not to say the time needed in looking for a suitable string to hang your punching bag with.

Whereas this punching bag does not have a whistle and ton of bells on it, as it takes the job done. And if you are looking for something that is effective, capable of meeting your interests, and demands, this punching bag is perfect for your match.

2. SMART Free Standing Punching Bag
If you need an excellent training tool that is like having a true sparring partner, this SMART punching bag is just for you. It’s a versatile combat trainer that can as well be used for MMA, takedowns, grappling, kickboxing and boxing. Actually, this is not like your standard run of mill punching bag. Also, if you really want to partake your new combat styles, then this is the right tool for you. It’s so good that even many fighters go for it, as far as to say “the best bag.”

On top of all, this SMART punching bag also solicits your striking skills and endurance through the roof. In addition to a boxer who has been struggling with punches or fatigue easily, then don’t look no further as this SMART bag will sort out everything for you. Definitely, with this bag your transformation as a boxer will be remarkable and most, probably you’ll be dominating your opponent in no-time-at-all.

3. Century Bob Punching Bag
Do you really want to exercise jabbing in the face? Conveying a vicious uppercut? Or striking your competitor in the chest? This bag has got you covered. This Century punching bag is a practical tool for your training, designed to replicate human torso. Also, it’s perfect to a fighter who really wants to train in placing shots. Unlike other punching bags, which don’t actually enable the hunter to focus his onslaught towards the specific area. This punching bag will allow you to focus on your punches as like in the real fight.

And, the best-of-all, you’ll never have to bother about hurting your dummy. Unlike in scrapping where one blow to face might cripple your training ally, this Bob bag can actually take all abuse you are ready to dish out. Besides that, if you desire to unload your enthusiasm on a human-like target, then this is a perfect piece for you.

In conclusion.
If you have made it up to this far, you now officially know the best punching bags. All that is left is you to determine which bag suits your needs. Don’t let the fight pass you by.

The Ultimate Best Speed Bags for Boxing

Getting the best speed bag for your training is very crucial as it will aid you increase both speed and stamina. Besides these, the speed bag will also enable you to develop your rhythm. There are a number of high quality and elegant speed bags that you can always choose from based on your taste and other factors. Below are some of the top rated speed bags you will definitely love.

best speed bag

Pro impact genuine leather speed bag punch

This is a smart and elegant speed bag that employs the latest technology. The bag is very durable as it is made from 100% leather. This, therefore, implies that it will serve you for a lifetime. To ensure longevity, this world-class speed bag is made with a heavy duty latex bladder, which also contributes to its durability. This is one of the top rated speed bags that you will definitely love. Despite its high quality features, the bag is relatively cheap and affordable.

Heavy duty speed ball punching bag

This is another classy speed bag that will make your training session very perfect. The speed bag comes with its own metal hook setup and boxing gloves. It also features some of the high quality features that make it very unique. Since it is a heavy duty bag, it can survive for the longest duration ever as it is designed for optimum resiliency. It will always deliver you a quick balance and rebounds and, therefore, one of the best speed bags that you can rely on for excellent services.

Title speed bags

This is a smart speed bag that comes in five different sizes and known for providing the ultimate backbones of what to expect from a high quality speed bag. It is very sturdy and ergonomic speed bag that will suit your training session. This is the only bag that uses the quad wrapping for its loop and this implies that it will prevent excessive wear and tear and, therefore, it is very durable. The other factor that contributes to its durability and longevity is the leather material it is made from. Its inner bladder will also guarantee you both long term and top-notch service. This is one of the ultimate speed bags that you will find very fantastic.

Pro Mex Professional Speed bag

This is a unique speed bag that will serve you for a lifetime. This is because it is made from a high quality grade goat skin leather that ensures amazing durability and rapid response. Besides this, it also has a triple stitching welted that will offer you quality rebounds when exercising. This is a professional speed bag meant for quality and durable service. It is relatively cheap and affordable.

Title Platinum Atomic Speed bag

This is another high quality and elegant speed bag that employs an advanced technology for reliable and convenient services. This, therefore, implies that it will offer you the fastest rebounds ever. The bag comes in a cool double-color design and with its high quality leather material, it will offer you a long term service.

These are some of the ultimate speed bags that you will find on the market today. They are designed in the best way possible to suit your training session. For quality and reliable service, you need to find the best speed bag.