Top 10 Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners

best boxing gloves for beginnersBest boxing gloves for beginners need to be chosen so that they find it very comfortable to use the same when they are doing boxing. It is not about choosing prettiest a gloves and cheapest gloves which can be done using that. If you are using wrong gloves, it can injure the hands very seriously. It is this reason which has made it necessary for you to invest much time for selecting finest boxing gloves for you to work as beginner. Here are 10 best boxing gloves you can find in the market.

1.Winning Training Gloves

This is the one among the finest boxing gloves which you have in the market. It is also the one which is been used most in whole world. Almost all the professionals in the world have this gloves for the sparring as well as training.

They are even called as pillows as they are very soft. They are great to provide finest protection, durability and also the wrist support in perfection and it can also last for much longer. This gloves will make you so comfortable even when you are practicing with it for the whole day that is the level of protection it has got.

2.Cleto Reyes Training Gloves

These are the types of training gloves which are available in the market as the best one that is made in hand and by making use of goat leather, nylon thread, horse hair and also using many other finest quality materials.

It is a durable gloves you can rely on for longer time frame. The craftsmanship that you can find in this pair of gloves is excellent. This is not just a glove but a great work of art. When you use this pair of gloves, you should spare some time for yourself for getting used with it.

3.Rival RS2V Sparring Gloves

This is the gloves with the best fit compared to any other available in the market as it has got 15 angled – wrist strap. It is very comfortable but it also need you to spare sometime for getting used with it.

List Price: $119.99
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It provides with great comfort and also greater level of protection for the hands and also the sparring partner. It is made using full grain leather and is very durable. This pair of gloves can last for much longer time frame than any other kind available in the market.

4.Grant Professional Sparring Gloves

This is the puncher’s gloves that provides with greater level of support as well as protection. This is best suitable to be used by the professional boxers especially the hart hitters who have got delicate hand or the hand with some problems from before.

It is huge pair of gloves and best for sparring as well as training. It can make you feel every impact without any kind of sire after that.

5.Ring to Cage C17 Japanese Styled Boxing Gloves

Ring to cage has copied the design that is used by Winning’s most successful glove. They but did not copy the design as such but also tweaked it with some positive features. The modifications that they made in the design make it possible for them to stand out in the market and also they are highly affordable.

This pair of gloves come with layered padding. The protection that you get with this gloves is so much similar to what you can get with winning gloves. These gloves are even much durable as the foams and liner used in that is much similar to that of winning gloves. The nylon lining used in it is made much thicker and also durable compared to the previous versions of the brand.

6.Fairtex BGV1 Sparring Gloves

This is one among the best boxing gloves for beginners as it has got secure wrap around – hook which can secure wrist as much as possible. Thickness associated with padding is also highly durable in all vital areas that of hands that can provide with awesome protection and very less soreness when you are training.

7.Title Gel World Bag

This is the lining which is gel enforced and has got much greater impact of resistance and even can make gloves form fit. It even comes with foam padding that is of multiple layer and is a great feature available for reducing pain associated with every impact.

TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves, Black, Large
List Price: $99.99
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8.Twins Special BGVL-3 Training Gloves

This is the pair of boxing gloves that comes with foam padding of best quality. It helps in the protection of the hands, especially that of knuckles when you are throwing punches.

Wrist has got padding for better protection for it. Velcro wrist strap and also many other features ensure that wrist support is available as extra with this glove. The straps make it very comfortable for wearing and taking off the gloves.

9.Top King Super Star Air Boxing Gloves
It is one among the most recognized brands you can find in the market. They are there in the forefront for bringing up many of the boxing gears to the market. The stylish gloves that they sell is one among the factors that they are very famous. Superstar Air Boxing gloves form one among the best gloves for this brand.

They can provide with excellent protection to the wrist. The inner padding of the gloves is made out of shock absorbent foam that of multiple layers. They are heavily placed in wrist region and also upper hand. This ensures that the wrist, thumb, fingers and wrist can be protected well from any form of punishment.

10.Title Gel Intense Boxing Gloves

This is the kind of the boxing gloves which are very comfortable for you to wear. They come with lining that is gel enforced and that makes the texture inside the gloves so much like wool.

This pair of gloves can easily mold to the hand after few weeks of usage of the same. This gloves make it much comfortable for you to use compared to any type of gloves available in the market.

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