Best Boxing Gloves For Women

Best Boxing Gloves For WomenHow To Select The Best Boxing Gloves For Women

Boxing is a sport that requires different kinds of gloves for the various training activities involved. The activities include bag work, sparring as well as the fighting itself. Picking the best boxing gloves for training for women may be an overwhelming task given that the fit, quality and functionality vary mostly depending on the boxing glove brand. In this article we will attempt to define and describe the best boxing gloves for women.

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How to choose the best boxing gloves for women

There are different boxing gloves designed for women which have various styles and weights. Brands and prices of boxing gloves for women also vary. The following is a comprehensive guide on how to select the best boxing gloves for women:

There are different types of boxing gloves for women. Each type of glove is meant for a specific function. The types are:

Classic bag gloves – These do not offer much wrist support, cushion and are not as heavy as other types of gloves available.

Modern bag gloves – They are more padded when compared to the classic bag gloves and are also more protective. They have decent cushioning, good wrist support, awesome knuckle protection and have proper weight. They are ideal for fitness boxing.

Sparring gloves – This type of boxing gloves is meant to develop technique and skill. They are designed to protect both the boxer and their sparring partner. They have a balanced weight distribution right from the wrist support to the padded knuckles. Sparring gloves should be 16 oz. It is a good type of glove with which women can develop both stamina and endurance.

Training gloves – These gloves are designed solely for training purposes as the name suggests. They cater for all kinds of training, be it sparring, mitts training or heavy bags. They are an excellent pair for women who are beginners in boxing and do not know quite what to get.

Pro/fighting gloves – These are meant for fight night. They are characterized by a smaller padding and are more compact so as to impact maximum damage on the opponent.

Cardio gloves – These gloves are used on hitting mitts and heavy bags. They have a thick padding that effectively absorbs any impact.

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Women who are interested in using boxing gloves for martial arts should purchase more flexible gloves. Women who are keen on hitting mitts and heavy bags should get thick padded type of gloves. Women who are training to eventually get in the ring should heavier gloves of approximately 14 oz. or more. Women who are already competing in the ring should purchase lighter gloves of 10 oz. or even less. Women who are still unsure on the boxing application they desire should get all-purpose training gloves.

The color that women get for their boxing glove matters. Below are a few colors and their effect on boxing:

Red color – This color is less visible to the human eye compared to other colors in the spectrum. This is the main reason as to why red boxing gloves are used in fights.

Light colored gloves – These colors tend to be more visible to the human eye and should be used for training purposes so that trainers can have higher chances of caching punches.

Other colors – These boxing gloves for boxing mitts and for training.

Boxing gloves made of leather material have higher quality and longevity compared to those made of vinyl. Leather boxing gloves are ideal for all types of boxing while vinyl is good for cardio boxing gloves. Women should buy leather boxing gloves as they are resistant to scrapes, thousand s of high speed impacts and to tears. The leather should preferably be from goatskin or cowhide as they are known for their high durability. They should be nylon threaded as well to keep the padding in place.

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How to size women’s boxing gloves
When selecting boxing gloves for women, there are usually 3 major considerations i.e. size, weight and whether they are weighted at the rear or the front. Size is essential as guarantees a comfortable fit that decreases risk of injury to the fingers and hands. Women’s boxing gloves have weights that range from 8 oz. to 20 oz., lighter weights are used by professionals and in fights while heavier ones for sparring and by novices. Front-weighted type of gloves tend to be more padded around the fingers so as to temper the force of blows while rear-weighted gloves are used for matches and by professionals as they have thinner fronts which deliver harder blows.

The following are the steps followed when fitting boxing gloves for women:

Step 1: A fabric tape measure should be wrapped around the wrist and palm and the lengths in inches taken note of. The length of the fingertips to the wrist should also be recorded. A piece of string should be used in the absence of a fabric tape measure and then its length measured afterwards. Women with wrists that measure six inches or even less and have the other 2 measurements as seven inches or less require a women’s boxing glove that is small or medium. Measurements that are larger than the ones mentioned indicate either large or extra-large.

Step 2: The individual should decide whether they want rear-weighted or front-weighted women’s boxing gloves. Front-weighted are good for beginners.

Step 3: The weight of the best boxing gloves for women should be selected. Women who weigh about 100 lbs. should buy 10 oz. gloves, women who weigh 125 lbs. should buy 12 oz. gloves, those weigh 150 lbs. should get 14 oz. gloves and 16 oz. gloves are for women who weigh more than 150 lbs.

Step 4: The hands should be taped before trying on boxing gloves. This is because the tape affects fit and often women’s hands will be taped while participating in boxing.

Step 5: The women’s boxing glove should be tried out in the weight and size determined. They should be completely laced up so as to determine if they provide a snug fit or not.

Step 6: The size that is below or above the size that was picked should be tried on. Boxing gloves are only available in small size, medium size, large size and extra-large size. The pair of women’s boxing glove chosen should be a little too tight rather than a little too lose as they stretch with time.

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There are several factors that need to be considered when selecting the best boxing gloves for women as outlined above. The above insightful information can be used a guide for buying optimum boxing gloves for women.

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