Knockout winnig Boxing Gloves: Choose A Pair That Is Right For You

Whether you’re a professional boxer, an amateur, or you’re just boxing for fitness benefits; you will need a pair of boxing gloves. To the casual observer, boxing gloves all look the same; actually, nothing can be further from the truth.

The differences between winning boxing gloves and loosing boxing gloves can be subtle, but that slight difference could also be the difference between winning and losing the fight!There’s a big difference between the type of gloves you would want to wear while training, and the pair to wear on the night of the fight. There are even differences between different brands. Not to mention the huge price discrepancies!

You will choose one type of gloves to work the heavy bag: it must be the kind of a boxing glove that will protect your hands while allowing you to get the best workout possible at the same time. The bag gloves are typically lighter because they are made for speed and accuracy. Sparring gloves, on the other hand, are a completely different type of boxing gloves, that must provide much more padding and protection. If you’re serious about training, choose a pair of training gloves that can be laced up. Get a pair with a thumb attachment feature to avoid thumb injuries, and accidental eye gauges.

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It goes without saying that the amateur and pro boxing gloves are an entirely different beast. Whichever category you find yourself in, and no matter how big (or small) your budget is, always buy a pair that you’re feeling comfortable in. They should fit well around your wrist and fingers, and your hands should feel relaxed. It’s impossible to stress enough: you need to make sure you know your size!

When it comes to price, those brands that are made more for professional boxers, like Cleto, Winning or Reyes, are also significantly more expensive. Luckily, new brands are showing up every year to offer a new glove to the market. You can choose between synthetic and leather gloves, in a variety of colors (yes, there are even the pink ones for the girls!). It is certainly possible to get a pair on the cheap, but the cheaper ones tend to show the signs of wear and tear more quickly than the quality brands.

Not knowing that not all gloves are made equal can cost you not only the victory in the ring but can even lead to serious injuries over time.

Jump into the ring with the winning boxing gloves you can afford to buy, or find a pair of cheap boxing gloves that will fit any budget!

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